Balance. Purpose. New Normal

re-embracing life after the death of a child

Grief coaching services from someone who has lived through it.

Want to get one step closer to BELIEVING in yourself again?
If you or someone you love is suffering with the loss of a child, please call.  Coach Ursula can help.



Let's create some clarity by discussing your emotions and determining where you are in the grief process.  We will identify your support network and establish coping skills as you progress through the grief process.  Learn how to cope with the death of your loved one and find meaning in your own life.


Identify emotional roadblocks, utilize tools and create strategies for moving forward through your grief.  Let's develop a clear plan and set some goals to help you start "moving forward so you can transition from working on autopilot through personal emotional distress, to acceptance, to a new normal.

New Normal

 Learn that "accepting" does not mean "getting over" the loss of your loved one. Move from destructive to contructive behaviors allowing you to honor your loved one.  Learn to re-engage with the world around you.  Find happiness again and acknowledge and celebrate reaching such an extraordary goal!

Benefits of speaking with a grief coach?

  • Gain understanding the three stages of grief and identify where you are in your grief.
  • Learn what to expect from others and yourself in each stage of grief.
  • Identify and understand changes in physical and emotional behaviors.
  • Identify your support network and getting needed help.
  • Learn about and use tools to overcome roadblocks and set goals for moving through each stage.
  • Move from destructive to constructive behaviors.

Learn More About the Three Stages of Grief

Contrary to popular belief there are only three stages of grief:  Immediate, Intermediate and Long-Term, but there are many emotions like denial, anger, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, lonliness, bargaining and depression, to name just a few, that may or may not impact you as you progress through each stage of grief.  The real challenge arises when you are unable to move from one stage to another regardless of the particular emotions you are experiencing, what is commonly referred to as being "stuck".  

And guess what?  IT IS OKAY TO CRY!

Crying is a natural and spontaneous behavior that helps release bottled up emotional energy.

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Motivated by the senseless and untimely death of her 11-year old daughter, Kelliger, Ursula founded Compass Reset as a way to help other women who are suffering from the same kind of loss.  According to Grief Coach Ursula, there was a time, a very long time, when she floundered, a time when even normal daily activites seemed impossible. While there were lots of resources available, few spoke to her and what she believes is the grieving heart that is unique to a mom.

She never believed that she would ever find happiness or be happy again.  In fact, she felt the very idea of happiness to be an insult to her daughter and her memory.  But she now knows that mindset was actually the opposite of what Kelli would have wanted and the opposite of what she would have taught her if she was still alive.  According to Coach Ursula, someday, as hard as it might be to believe right now, a happy, meaningful life after the death of your child is possible.

Ursula is a graduate of Fowler International Academy (FIA) as a Professional Certified Coach.  She is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and has a BS in Business Management she has combined her love of business with that of public speaking and has educated thousands of high-school and college-aged students about the joy of philanthropy and the importance of becoming organ donors.  She has over 20 years business management, accounting and consulting experience.  She is married to her long-time sweetheart, Kevin, and is the mother of three children, Tristan, Kelligar(deceased) , and Aidan.

Ursula Neal, CPC
Grief Coach