About Grief Coach Ursula

The help I offer is the help I myself have received.   If you are suffering with the loss of a child or the loss of any loved one, please call.







Grief Coach Ursula

I come from and believe in the world of hard knocks. I have made some mistakes. Okay a lot. But I view each and every event as a learning opportunity in disguise. Without these incredible failures and setbacks I would have little experience to work with. In the working world I struggled from the bottom and worked my way up and endeavored daily to improve the lives of those around me. For many years I filled the role of “fixer” in our family keeping everything for everyone together. But, after the death of our middle child, Kelli, I embraced the new skill of really not giving a shit about anything. No longer the fixer and not caring what people thought, I embraced this new found freedom to the point of being ridiculously selfish.

I was lost in this mess of a brain that used to be so clear. I was poor in spirit, poor in discipline and poor in showing love and compassion for those so near and dear to me. Those who were still alive! Through the help of a professional, I learned the skills necessary to honor Kelli by turning that pain and anger and the experience I have gained, into loving service to others. I learned to identify my own self-limiting beliefs and find clarity which enabled me to once again organize, set and reach my goals. My biggest goal was to embark on a new career as a Life Coach.

Your mind, always working in the background, is telling you what to do in the foreground. Can you hear it? The help I offer is indeed the advice I myself have taken. So the question is, how may I help you? Give me a call; I would love to hear from you!

Bio -

A mom, speaker, educator, mentor and business professional, Ursula has invested a lifetime developing her natural instinct to coach and lead individuals in both personal and professional settings. As a long-time manager, she has enjoyed fostering an environment of learning, individual growth, strategic thinking and independence.

She has over 20 years business management, accounting and consulting experience, has served on advisory boards and is a graduate of the Fowler International Academy (FIA) as a Professional Certified Coach.

A graduate of the University of Phoenix with a BS in Business Management she has combined her love of business with that of public speaking and has educated thousands of high-school and college-aged students about the joy of philanthropy and the importance of becoming organ donors.

She is married to her long-time sweetheart, Kevin, and is the mother of three children, Tristan, Kelligar (deceased) , and Aidan.

My Life

After the death of our 11-year old daughter, my metaphorical house became a mess.  Time and the help of a loving family and friends helped me regain a version of my old self but I am still a work in progress.  The help I offer, is indeed the help I once received.


My Goals

My goal is to help women who have lost a child find firmer ground to stand on, to help and guide them transition through their grief.  I floundered a long time before I found my way.  There is no reason to flounder when there is someone there to show you the way.


Why a Compass

Simply put, after our daughter died, I was off balance. Life in general simply did not seem to make sense and I lost my will to live. My ship was sinking and I needed to reset my compass.  With help I was able to find meaning in my life once again and start moving forward.