Time for Change


Let’s imagine you are a person who loves the ocean and white sandy beaches. Let’s also imagine for a minute that you have had a dream that you will retire at age 45, be financially sound so you can leave the working world behind and fully enjoy the retired life you have always imagined. At […]

The Truth About Death

The Truth About Death

The truth about death is that it is selfish. You can also say that death sucks. It is also final which gives none of us living a chance to make amends with the dead or to say something endearing which would appease our ailing hearts. Again, it is selfish, in that each of us takes […]

Mean People Suck

Mean People Suck

Ever start the day thinking “what a great day” and by the time you make it to work you are thinking mean people suck? Just the other day this happened to me. Getting onto the major boulevard from my neighborhood has never been anything but a daunting task, so much so that this is the […]

Reprogramming Your Auto Responses

reprogramming auto responses

I met with a client the other day and realized midway through the conversation that we were approaching the resolution for the challenge at hand from completely different perspectives. Taking a moment to jot down a note to research how men and women approach tasks and resolutions (which was not the topic at hand) for […]

Guilt – The Useless Emotion


There are two sides to the emotion of guilt. On the one side we learn to wield it heavily to get what we want but on the other side it works against us. It can and often does immobilize and prevent us from making changes that allow us to move forward. In short, feeling guilty […]

Gratitude is Good For You!


The multitudes of books on gratitude all have one common theme and that is: feeling thankful is good for you!Benefits of GratitudeIt contributes to feelings of increased well being and reduces depressed feelings and anxiety. In addition to assisting us in our journey to find happiness, it also promotes forgiveness. Being more generous and compassionate, […]

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