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We Teach Love by Example, Do You?

We Teach Love by Example, Do You?

The topic came up of what appropriate love might look like? That statement set off a tirade of rampant firings of memories of lost loves, broken hearts, the exhilarating thrill of a new lover, the love of my husband, the love I have for my best friend, the love for my children, for my parents […]

How Do You Love?


Ever wonder why some couples seem to always be in a state of marital bliss and their relationships stand the test of time while others seem to be plagued from the very beginning with many up and downs? It’s sometimes true that opposites attract but if the opposition is too great often times after the […]

From Passion to Zeal


Passion is often mentioned in today’s writing and we see it referenced in regard to new relationships, rekindling of old relationships, and even to involvement with a cause or career. But since it is the Month of Love, let’s eliminate all the other potential applications to passion and direct our attention solely to relationships.The other […]