Years ago I became a running joke in my family at large because I am slightly compulsive when it comes to order. I was called, and not necessarily fondly, Miss Action To Do or Miss Action Can Do. While it was certainly meant as a quasi-insult/compliment, I was not bothered in the least by it. And, I might add, it did not prevent people from calling me when something needed to be done and done correctly!

Truth is, I have always had an innate ability to see through the bullshit, quickly assess the situation and generate a path for completion or solving the problem. This proved to be true in my personal life (though I did have a couple rough patches in my youth) as well as my business life. But overall, organizing, creating, and executing a plan has always been easy for me. (Although after the death of my daughter, I had trouble with clearing the clutter out of my head and even the simplest of decisions was difficult - so I get it!)

Married 21 years and three kids later the real OCD that everyone has made fun of has been gone for a long time. It's something that just did not work with family, because quite frankly, they just didn't care! What was left behind was strong desire to control what I can and wistful, sometimes less than perfect desire to let the rest go. I have been a 21-year work in progress.

But back to OCD. The reason I could laugh when family was making fun of me was because I created a new acronym for OCD - Organized Conscience Decisions and where others had challenges and faltered, I think my success grew out of my first, conscience, and then sub-conscience ability to my new and improved OCD. But truth be told, I still think my OCD and the ability to find clarity starts at a sub-conscience level, moves to the conscience brain, then is resubmitted to the sub-conscience. And as I repeatedly tell clients and actually do believe myself, our sub-conscience already knows exactly what to do. It's our conscience brain that screws everything up!

But for those of us who have lost the ability to think clearly, practicing Organized Conscience Decisions can be used as a catalyst to find that clarity helping us to reach our desired goals. But of course, sometimes this is easier said than done and we need a little outside push. That is where a personal life coach or "clarity" coach can help.

Ursula Neal

Ursula is a grief coach for mothers who have lost children helping them to move from crappy to happy again. She is also a personal growth strategist helping individuals reach their goals. She may be reached at 602-400-4423 or ursula@CompassReset.com. Facebook Google+

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