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How Do You Love?


Ever wonder why some couples seem to always be in a state of marital bliss and their relationships stand the test of time while others seem to be plagued from the very beginning with many up and downs? It’s sometimes true that opposites attract but if the opposition is too great often times after the […]

What if Society is the Bully?


I made the quintessential mistake of making a personal and rather mild comment about the new president elect. In truth I probably should have deleted it when the first comments started rolling in. But then it became like a science experiment. I sat back and watched the results roll in stunned by what I was […]

The Poisoned Pen


I was recently discussing with some friends the merit of the infamous Christmas letters so many people send out. The crux of the conversation? We all rolled our eyes proclaiming bullshit! Okay, okay, certainly there is a sampling of truth in what is being said but in reality we all know it is the power […]

When Babies Cry


During opening meditation at Sunday’s service a baby cried out, breaking the silence of meditation, which made me smile. While it made me smile I know it had the opposite effect on so many church goers. Their feelings are that babies should be in the back of the church sitting in that little closed up […]

A Magnificent Gesture


It is no secret that I generally shy away from discussing and/or commenting on political and religious issues. But, today, I cannot ignore writing about the truly magnificent gesture by Muslims in response to the murder of Rev. Jacques Hamel, an 85-year old reverend that was killed Tuesday in France by Muslim fanatics. Here is […]

Anger – Byproduct of Fear


Last week after I posted a Life Coaching article, someone mentioned it would be great for me to write a blog on how we can deal with devastating tragedy in our communities and keep moving forward. To be honest, after she posted the comment, I quickly got on-line to see what tragedy she was speaking […]



I have probably read 100 books on gratitude and the one resounding consensus is that feeling thankful is good for you!Benefits of Gratitude.It contributes to feelings of increased well being and reduces depressed feelings and anxiety. In addition to assisting us in our journey to find happiness, it also promotes forgiveness. Being more generous and […]

Does Life Coaching Work?

Does-Life-Coaching-Work-Compass Reset

The two questions I get asked the most are, “Does life coaching work?” and “What is coaching really about?”The answer to the first question is, yes, it can. But it truly depends on whether or not the client is open and really wanting to achieve the change they say they want. They really have to […]