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Gratitude is Good For You!


The multitudes of books on gratitude all have one common theme and that is: feeling thankful is good for you!Benefits of GratitudeIt contributes to feelings of increased well being and reduces depressed feelings and anxiety. In addition to assisting us in our journey to find happiness, it also promotes forgiveness. Being more generous and compassionate, […]

How Do You Love?


Ever wonder why some couples seem to always be in a state of marital bliss and their relationships stand the test of time while others seem to be plagued from the very beginning with many up and downs? It’s sometimes true that opposites attract but if the opposition is too great often times after the […]



To find clarity, one must first ask themselves what they believe in. An individual’s core values (see Core Values blog) are at the base of who a person is and are what make each person uniquely them. I suggest to clients that they ask themselves the hard questions about what makes them unique. For example, […]

Core Values

compass reset core values

​Core values. What are they? Where do they come from? What do you do with them once you have identified them? Good question!A lot of hoopla has been made about core values and aligning yourself with your own core values. The truth is, the alignment has already been established, probably many years in the making. […]