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What Are You Remembered For?

Remembered- Grief Coaching-Compass-Reset

I cannot remember the source but the message went something like this. Be it known and keep it in the back of your mind that someday, after your death and at your funeral services, your entire life will be summed up in about 20 minutes. What will that 20 minutes say about you? Was your […]

Do You Hear or Are You Listening?


When my kids were little and engaging in the act of justifying why they were “more” right than the other, I often told them, “I can hear what you are saying but I’m not listening!” That was their cue that their argument held little weight and I was tired of them repeating what they were […]

Do We Align Ourselves to Specific Holidays?


I have two holidays that I love. My favorite is Halloween with Thanksgiving being a close runner up. I thought about all the holidays and birthdays celebrated in our rather large families, and wondered why I align myself to these specific holidays over all the others? Especially when Christmas appears to be everyone else’s favorite. I […]