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Maybe You’re Lacking Boundaries


Certainly the comment “I’m on the phone” has been uttered by most parents since the phone became a household staple. I know I have said it a million times and I know I have heard all my friends say it as well.Last week my sister and I were commiserating about the things that our families […]

When Babies Cry


During opening meditation at Sunday’s service a baby cried out, breaking the silence of meditation, which made me smile. While it made me smile I know it had the opposite effect on so many church goers. Their feelings are that babies should be in the back of the church sitting in that little closed up […]

Rules, Boundaries and Limitations


Mention the name Cesar Millan and practically everyone will say, “oh yeah, he’s the dog whisperer.” In the height of Cesar’s television days, I watched each of his shows with rapt attention, trying to figure out how to curb the minor but irritating issues our rescued Labrador exhibited. His message was super clear; the issue […]

What’s Fundamentally Wrong With Education


Well, as with most things I have analyzed over the years, I have come to realize that all American “programs” are all flawed in that we create a system or program and expect it/them to work into infinity without revision. AND all programs are always a multi-faceted issue. Let’s examine some issues that are affecting […]

Bring Back Dressing Appropriately


I’ll admit it, dammit. I am old school about some things, and dressing appropriately tops the list. My displeasure in how people dress runs the gamut of ages and applies to kids in school to parents and grandparents. I see teenage girls in yoga pants and short shirts and even shorter shorts arriving at school. […]