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Even though we still live in a culture where seeking self-help is seen as a sign of weakness, the tides are changing. Coaches, whether they are personal life coaches, executive coaches, sports coaches or spiritual coaches, are about providing clarity to their clients.

It is difficult to have an unbiased opinion of yourself or your work; that is why a coach is so helpful. Just like the coach helping an individual with their golf swing, coaches provide the clarity needed to see through the bullshit, call you on it and then help you define the plan of attack. That is why I love the term Life Strategist. A Life Strategist will help clients formulate and implement a strategy by setting goals, determining the action plan and mobilizing the client to execute the actions. Ultimately the strategist will indicate what resources will be used to obtain the desired goals helping the client find authentic happiness, whatever that looks like for the individual.

What do individuals want from a life coach? Help with personal growth. They want help finding clarity when identifying their goals and assistance with achieving them. But setting goals is not the only thing - it's about how you are going to achieve it and stay on plan.

What do executives want from a business coach? They want to learn how to create better teams, to know how to improve team building, improve their leadership skills, how to handle conflict better and even how to develop top talent.

What do athletes want from a sports coach? They want to improve their craft.

What do people seeking spiritual guidance want from a spiritual coach? An improved understanding of their spiritual self.

A coach in any field of expertise should ultimately help the client find clarity enabling them to change their "mindset", create a "vision" identifying a clear sense of what the client wants, and develop a personalized step-by-step "plan of action" to help the client move toward their goals. The journey you take with your coach should lead you to your destination.

Regardless the area of expertise the Strategist will help the client:


Your vision of your future
Clearly identify, understand & articulate goals & objectives


Create clear plans to achieve goals (vision)


Step-by-step actions to achieve goals

Mentors have been around forever from tribal leaders, to elderly family members, a beloved friend of the family, a world traveler, a parent or a forward-thinking boss. They shared with us, the interested in what they had learned: the facts, know-how and pitfalls of their time on earth. As times change so does our world and those that were readily available to teach in the recent past. These significant forces are no longer there. The torch has been passed from mentors of the past to the coaches of today. These coaches share and teach their unique skill of clarity, share their past successes, failures, and the processes gleamed along the way to help you live from a place of power and strength.

Ursula Neal

Ursula is a grief coach for mothers who have lost children helping them to move from crappy to happy again. She is also a personal growth strategist helping individuals reach their goals. She may be reached at 602-400-4423 or Facebook Google+

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