Why a Compass

Simply put, after our daughter died, I was off balance. Life in general simply did not seem to make sense. It was as if my inner compass was off center and my ship (me) was definitely “in irons” (meaning that I was sailing straight into the wind). Which was not good! I could not muddle through the barrage of “things” circulating around in my head in order to make a decent decision. My ship was adrift and I needed to reset my compass, without it I would have surely sunk into oblivion.

Resetting my compass was not easy. I had so much hate and rage and grief that I could not find any peace. Luckily I found someone who gave me the tools I needed to face what was haunting me, find clarity, reorganize and get moving again. She helped me get rid of  

my "sea legs" and stand on firm ground once again.  I think we all have the answers to our own problems, but sometimes lose sight of the solutions because the junk floating around in our heads blocks the way. A well-loaded tool box is essential and I love the idea of teaching you these skills so you can use your inner voice going forward.

Resetting your compass takes work, hard work, but nothing feels quite as good as reaching the goal you have been striving for. I am a no nonsense kind of person and I am not here to waste your time. If you are looking for long-term sustainable skills that you can use moving forward in your life, please give me a call at 602.400.4423 or email me at Ursula@CompassReset.com.