When Will Utility Companies Stop Bundling Old Technology?


Over Christmas the topic of utility service and costs came under fire and the take away from it was this. The two major competitors in metropolitan Phoenix are equally hated because of their inability to embrace their new technology and create packages that correspond to it. So I ask, when will utility companies stop bundling old technology and stop swindling their customers?

When the insidious cell phone infiltrated our home we lost our love affair with the landline and after several years of not using it I attempted to drop it. I mean honestly, our house phone is used solely as a trap for solicitors. So I contacted customer service and said I want to disconnect my home phone but leave the cable television and Internet service.

Well, ha-ha, the joke was on me. They were quick to explain that I had a bundled service that included phone, Internet and cable (duh!) which was a set price. They would be happy to break up the bundle but my bill would go up $35. Again, I would lose one service and they would upcharge me $35 for it. "They're f*&cking us and not even kissing us" an enraged me told my husband.

Our alternative according to them? Take the phone down to the most basic service which still runs us $25 a month. Take $25 per month by 10 years, well you do the math - it's a lot! They are making a killing on customers for a service that is literally not used. And I'd bet my life on it that there are millions of other customers just like us. And the utility companies are laughing their butts off all the way to the bank.

So just before this Christmas I attempted to repeat the aforementioned change in service and was again given the same run down. You have basic service already. If you disconnect your phone your bill will increase by $30 per month. Why $30 instead of $35? No one knows!

So at Christmas dinner I mentioned how much I hated that we were constantly being screwed by utility companies and explained the recent and former conversation with my utility provider. In my fit of frustration I said I was going to dump them entirely and just purchase the best most super-duper Internet service I could find and go entirely to SMART televisions and Internet streaming, purchasing the special cable channels IF and only IF I wanted to. Which, by the way, this change is happening at my house.

My little rant was coolly received by some who were pretty sure that what I had just described couldn't happen. After researching it on their own they have come to me outraged. Welcome to my melodrama! And they too are considering moving to Internet only services.

So let me be blunt CenturyLink, Cox Communication and any other company that competes on their level. You guys need to get your metaphoric heads out of your asses before your customers finally say enough is enough and dump all of your services completely like we're doing. There is new technology out there just waiting to be purchased.

And you know what; it's okay to have multiple plans. Sure there are some people who still use house phones and can use a phone service bundle but the majority of your customers only use cell phones. Plus let's get real, a package, a bundle, whatever you want to call them are arbitrary things written on paper and programmed into a computer.

Technology has changed and your customers’ needs for technology have changed (and they are becoming savvy about those needs), so why haven't you updated your services to keep up with the technology?

Ursula Neal

Ursula is a grief coach for mothers who have lost children helping them to move from crappy to happy again. She is also a personal growth strategist helping individuals reach their goals. She may be reached at 602-400-4423 or ursula@CompassReset.com. Facebook Google+

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